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The interior renovation of the Desire Oyster Bar is a melting pot of eclectic design blending new with old to develop a style that captures the essence of New Orleans. The inspiration for the restaurant design was taken from a plethora of architectural styles throughout the Vieux Carre. Decorative iron grillwork reminiscent of gates that enclose historic French Quarter courtyards were paired with oversized windows with antique mirror that open to reveal a fully stocked bar as the backdrop for the new Desire bar. Decorative pendants in copper, brass and glass sparkle above the new stone bar. The rustic wood look of the floor is tile set in a herringbone pattern that surround the intricate mosaic tile inset and the walls are adorned with white tile and patina metal. The color palette and each design element were carefully selected to complement the existing materials while creating a fresh look for the restaurant. In addition, the all new kitchen was redesigned to meet the needs of the three-meal restaurant and a feature oyster grill and oyster bar were added to entertain patrons as part of their culinary dining experience